Eimear Lawlor

Falling in love with the enemy is the ultimate act of betrayal... ​

Dublin’s Girl 1917. A farm girl from Cavan, Veronica McDermott, is desperate to find more to life than
peeling potatoes. Persuading her family to let her stay with her aunt and uncle in Dublin so
she can attend secretarial college. She does not know what she is getting into. Recruited by Fr
Michael O’Flanagan to type for Eamon de Valera, Veronica is soon caught up in the danger
and intrigue of those fighting for Ireland’s independence from Britain.
The attentions of a handsome British soldier, Major Harry Fairfax, do not go unnoticed by
Veronica’s superiors. But when Veronica is tasked with earning his affections to gather
intelligence for Sinn Féin, it isn’t long before her loyalty to her countrymen and her feelings
for Harry are in conflict. To choose one is to betray the other…

Kittys War Kitty’s War Release May 11 2023

1941 Kitty Brandt reluctantly returns home to neutral Ireland for her mother’s funeral,
vowing to return to her new life in London, but unexpected family events make it difficult.
She has to keep coming to the attention of G2 Irish Military Intelligence because of her
fluency in German. Through her friendship with a German Internee, she confronts her past
and has to choose to save herself for her own happiness or her brother’s.

In neutral Ireland, Kitty Brandt comes to attention to the Irish government for her
German-speaking skills, and finds herself drawn into the conflicts of world war two,
having to make choices to save herself and her daughter or her brother.


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